Message from CTI about COVID-19 | Your Guide to Booking Virtual Events

Message about COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

CTI continues to closely monitoring the current COVID-9 virus and it's impact on our clients current and future events.

We are in continual communication with talent and their managers, and we will provide the appropriate updates as they unfold.

Talent is open to securing future dates and we are finding more flexibility in fees and faster confirmations. CTI is actively confirming 2023 dates and beyond, so we look forward to assisting you with creating a successful event.

Wishing you and your organization good health during these challenging times.

As an alternative to larger gatherings, please read more about booking Virtual Events.

"Help! Because of COVID-19 Stay-at-Home orders, we will have to reschedule our talent booking, or do we?"

In the last month we have had been flooded with calls and emails to Celebrity Talent International (CTI) asking this very same question and CTI has been able to offer a solution, a Virtual Performance.

What is a virtual performance? A virtual performance is a way in which a speaker, comedian, or headline performer can entertain a group of people via a conference call, a ZOOM call, or another medium used to gather people without actually having to leave the house. As we are all facing the effects and unknowns of Covid-19, we must keep moving forward. Celebrity Talent International knows that keeping the employees engaged in their work is essential for productivity and happiness. What can be a better way for a shared experience, than that of a virtual experience. It not only is rewarding, it is cost effective!

When an employee feels like they are isolated and not part of a team, their work can suffer. Take the time to reconnect with your employees as you did before with face-to-face meetings but use the technology that is available to us today to make this happen. Everyone working at home for the most part is using a computer; this is great because this component of virtual meetings is now trending to be upwards of 86% of how companies will conduct business going forward during these unprecedented times. This is the perfect time to re-invent your engagement with your employees.

A great example was CTI was able to book Late Night Host and SNL alumni Seth Myers for a corporate virtual conference call and the client paid a fraction of the cost of what his live performance was and everyone on the call loved him being on the call and giving insight to his world. In fact the client is now having regular conference calls that have a special guest to maximize employee and customer engagement.

And one of the best parts of a virtual meeting is that it is cost effective. The talent tends to look at all reasonable offers and the cost of; travel, hotels and riders needs are almost nothing since everything is a virtual performance. When you know that the event must still happen, let CTI help you with the details of booking your next virtual experience using a celebrity. You will find that a shared experience be it live, or virtual, is essential in today's environment as we look to keep our daily lives "normal".

As we move forward through these crazy times, we are finding a new normal. It seems as though virtual meetings and virtual performances will now be a common event of the future. And why? Virtual meetings and performances are not only easy to put together, but cost-effective as well, and could be an awesome alternative to something that might be out of your budget range.

If you are interested in learning more about how to make a virtual event a reality please contact CTI and we can discuss.

Wishing you a happy and safe day.

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American Cancer Society booked Dwight Yoakam

All was GREAT!! (We) got to spend some time with Dwight in his bus and he was really great to talk to and very generous. He wanted to know if there was anything he could donate to the event and he donated some signs and autographed them. He couldn't have been nicer during the photo op...

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