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Book zzzahara for your next event.

zzzahara is an American singer and songwriter who was born and raised in Highland Park, Los Angeles to Mexican and Filipino parents. They were a member of the duo The Simps with Eyedress at one point in their career. Against a frantic guitar jangle, their first track on Lex, they don't know was released in 2021. It examines a life that is suspended... read full bio

ZZ Ward

Book ZZ Ward for your next event.

Bluesy southern rock and dirty beats collide: Meet ZZ Ward, a singer/songwriter whose artistry spins on a luminous axis of voice and soul. Raised in Roseburg, Oregon where her father wrote songs and played harmonica in blues bands, it was old school masters like Big Mama Thornton and Muddy Waters from her parent’s vinyl collection that first intrigued Z. Her... read full bio

ZZ Top Tribute Band ZZKC

Book ZZ Top Tribute Band ZZKC for your next event.

ZZKC passionately pays tribute to the world renowned ZZ Top by delivery of some of the greatest hits to ever grace the FM airways. Billboard hits such as Legs, Sharp Dressed Man, Tush, Give Me All Your Lovin', Cheap Sunglasses, Nationwide, La Grange, Thank You, Pearl Necklace, Under pressure, everybody knows the list goes on. These songs have been a... read full bio

ZZ Top

Book ZZ Top for your next event.

ZZ Top has been entertaining fans all over the country for over 38 years. The rock band still performs with original members Billy F. Gibbons, Frank Beard, and Dusty Hill. With their third album, Tres Hombres, the band was able to gain national attention from the single, “La Grange”. The song is still considered as one of the band’s signature... read full bio


Book Zuzu for your next event.

Zuzu embodies what it means to be a millennial artist; she is a front woman who exudes confidence, as well as a songwriter, producer, director, actor and comic book illustrator. She also stars in and directs all of her videos, records a sizable portion of her music at her home studio in Liverpool and enjoys collecting vintage guitars. Her willingness to push the envelope... read full bio


Book Zucchero for your next event.

Zucherro is probably best known internationally for the song Senza Una Donna, which is a duet with Paul Young and hit number 4 in the United Kingdom. Other hit songs of his include ""Mama (Madre Dolcissima),"" ""Senza Una Donna,"" ""Wonderful World,"" ""Overdose (D'Amore),"" ""Diamante,"" ""Cosí Celeste,"" ""My Love,"" ""Feels Like a Woman,"" ""Dunes of Mercy"" & ""Miserere."" His performs music... read full bio

Zowie Bowie

Book Zowie Bowie for your next event.

Zowie Bowie is a Las Vegas band and vocalist who performs some of the greatest, dance, pop, hip-hop and classic music as a headliner at Red Rock Resort and Casino. The band is led by Chris Phillips. Bowie has been voted the Best in Las Vegas for six years. Bowie has also been featured in outlets such as Las Vegas... read full bio

ZOSO: The Ultimate Led Zeppelin Experience

Book ZOSO: The Ultimate Led Zeppelin Experience for your next event.

The Ultimate Led Zeppelin Experience was founded in 1995 with the goal of performing the most authentic and compelling Led Zeppelin live performance since the original. It's much more than a homage for Zoso. It's about reliving a musical epoch. In spirit, tightly wrapped talent, and genuineness, Zoso epitomizes Page, Plant, Bonham, and Jones. Each member of the band has... read full bio


Book Zookëper for your next event.

With "Watch Me" and "Parallel Lines," Zookeper has scored two Billboard Dance Top Ten hits. In addition, his tune "Do You Think About Me" peaked at number four on the UK Commercial Pop Top 30 Chart. His albums have had over 40 million Spotify listens and feature remixes for artists like Teyana Taylor, John Mayer, 070 Shake, Matoma and others. He... read full bio


Book Zomboy for your next event.

Joshua Mellody, better known by his stage name Zomboy, is a well-known DJ, songwriter, and producer of dubstep music from England. He was born on June 1st, 1989, and quickly rose to fame in the electronic dance music community thanks to his distinctive zombie mascot and brutal sounds. Place Your Bet$, Mellody's previous project before becoming Zomboy, published a self-titled demo... read full bio

Zola Jesus

Book Zola Jesus for your next event.

Nicole Hummel, known as Zola Jesus, is a singer, songwriter, and producer from Phoenix, Arizona. Her sound is alternative; Hummel combines elements of electronic, industrial, classical, and dark pop together to create unique tracks. Hummel cites artists like Ian Curtis, Lydia Lynch, and Swans as inspiration for her music. At a young age, she taught herself to record at home... read full bio

Ziwe Fumudoh

Book Ziwe Fumudoh for your next event.

Ziwe Fumudoh is an American comedian and writer who is best known for being the creator of the show “Baited with Ziwe,” a writer for the talk show “Desus and Mero,” and a co-host for the podcast Hysteria. Fumudoh is known for speaking on topics which include politics, race, and adulthood in a comic way. She began her comedy career... read full bio


Book Zingara for your next event.

A rising producer and DJ from Maryland named Zingara, she is swiftly establishing herself in the electronic music world. Zingara is pushing the limits of sound and starting her own movement with a special sound that combines her passion of music with her connection to the spirit world. Music has always Zingara's creative expression growing up as a dancer. She gave... read full bio


Book Zinadelphia for your next event.

Philadelphia-based guitarist and vocalist Zinadelphia performs music and w ith her debut song, "Mirrorball," Zinadelphia blends parts of different genres that are greatly influenced by Neo-Soul, Jazz, Funk and Folk music. Zinadelphia has been quickly but significantly breaking into the music industry with a 7-piece band. Zinadelphia is eager to continue the musical adventure with other releases because of the overwhelming... read full bio


Book Zilo for your next event.

Zilo is an up-and-coming RnB singer-songwriter from London, England, who has a fond love of poetry, writing and painting which has bled into her music. Zilo began her musical career with the release of her debut single “Know That I Want You.” The following year, Zilo released her debut studio album, “The Nature of the Beast.” Since then, Zilo has... read full bio


Book Zikai for your next event.

Isabelle Zikai Gbotto Carlsson, better known as her stage name Zikai, is a Swedish singer-songwriter who rose to fame at only 15 years old after she was discovered by producer Mack Beats. This led her to begin writing and performing for various artists in Sweden which included Silvana Imam, Michael Dida and Cherrie. She then began performing under the name... read full bio

Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers

Book Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers for your next event.

Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers is a reggae family group of Jamaican descent. The band is compromised of the children of music legend Bob Marley, and was formed when they were in their pre-teens. They started the group at the request of their late father, Bob Marley, who composed their first song, “Children Playing in the Streets” four years... read full bio

Ziggy Alberts

Book Ziggy Alberts for your next event.

Australian singer-songwriter Ziggy Alberts is also an author and he has made a name for himself as one of the country's top independent musicians. A tribute to his songwriting prowess and dynamic live performance, his sincere grassroots story has propelled his artistry into worldwide praise and enthralled audiences all over the world. Ziggy Alberts, the creator of his own independent record label,... read full bio

Zig Mentality

Book Zig Mentality for your next event.

Zig Mentality is a Canadian punk rock trio from Ottawa that consists of brothers Jig Dube on bass and lead vocals, Liam Dube on lead guitar, and Quinn Dube on drums and backup vocals. Zig Mentality was formerly known as just dube, and since their formation, they have gone on to earn over four million streams for their songs over... read full bio


Book ZieZie for your next event.

ZieZie is an up-and-coming multi-genre singer-songwriter who rose to fame with the release of his single “Mingle,” which he released through YouTube. ZieZie is from Croydon, England, and he began singing after joining his school’s choir when he was only 11 years old. This led him to begin releasing music through SoundCloud but wasn’t finding fame through the musical platform.... read full bio

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